Madness killed her mother. Now a plague is killing her father.

But no one believes that this snubbed academic has found a way to stop this plague. A plague so virulent it’s eating through the entire city

    Audra Academician lost the respect of her peers thanks to her radical theories. They call her mad. She hates that. And it means that no one believes her anymore. The evidence to cure the plague is an ancient journal written by a Mage - a race of people that have been extinct now for hundreds of years. 

    Only Audra can decode the archaic language. And the cure is an ancient magical artefact, the Healing Glass, hidden in a lost corner of the land. She has to convince her peers she’s right, or the Glass will stay lost and everyone in the city will die. But when nightmarish visions start to haunt her, she fears that the same madness that claimed her mother is now coming for her. 

    Now, not only the lives of the citizens consume her thoughts. She has to get the Healing Glass before her mother’s madness kills her too.

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Title: The Healing Glass: Age of Academicians Book 1

Author: Maria Herring

Genre: Fantasy (Epic)

Price: Free!

Pages: 453 pages

ISBN/ASIN: ISBN: 9781393204435 / ASIN: B07W88NFBB

Publication Date: 9th August 2019



During the day, Maria’s a respectable English teacher, but after 3.30pm she lets her SF/F geek out. So far, that’s got her a couple of published novels and bunch of short stories available on- and offline in magazines and anthologies. A few of those won prizes from Dark Tales Magazine and the Writer’s Village, and even an Aeon Awards short-listing. 


She’s lived in the UK (born there), China (worked there), and France (currently there), and spends on fortune on travelling because the planet is massive and awesome. She loves hiking in forests up mountains, drowning in coffee, and spoiling her fat tabby cat, Bilbo.