List of Published Full-Length Novels

three rings entwined with flames


The Book of Revelations

by Maria Herring


In the subterranean city of Azar, Chanda’s safe, ordered world is on the brink of collapse. A mysterious woman, Shani, falls into Chanda’s life and she has no choice but to help, for Shani is with child and far, far from home. She believes her new friend is a blessing from the living goddess, but when the truth is unleashed the subterranean city will fall. The whole world will fall. For revelations have the power to destroy, and Chanda has no idea that there are others in the world with far more power than her goddess. Secret others that the world only speaks of in whispers…the witches. And they’re searching for someone.






Paperback, 346 pages

Published in July 2015 by Amazon

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queen boudicca holding a spear


Legacy of A Warrior Queen

by Maria Herring


The Roman conquest of Britain is shattered in 60 C.E. by Boudica, a mother, a warrior and a rebel queen, who once united the tribes against a common enemy. Now, three hundred years later, the prolonged Iron Age in Northern Europe sees the British Isles dominated by women, for these superstitious tribes believe now that only the Mother-Warrior-Queen trinity can safeguard them against any foreign foe. Women are deified; men are little more than slaves. But Arawn, slave-son of a salt merchant, believes that men have worth. When he tries to save a Pictish slave boy from sacrificial death, he accidentally murders his sister and her Druid. Having no other choice but to flee, he embarks on a journey from his British homeland across Gaul and on to Rome, seeking out the powerful priests of the new one true god, who holds men above women. He can escape the British warrior-women hunting him, but he can't escape is own demons, for the journey is long and his bitterness towards women is strong...



Paperback, 420 pages

Published in December 2014 by Top Hat Books

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