Welcome to my website! I'm an SF/F writer with a disturbing fascination for grimdark. Feel free to follow me on Facebook or contact me directly via e-mail -- I love meeting new people: readers, authors, agents and publishers alike! Come and take a stroll along the dark and twisted paths of my world...


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Get Your Free Bundle


1. A full-colour, hand-drawn map to explore the world of The Healing glass,

Age of Academicians I.


2. Squirrel — An Age of Academicians short story.  Squirrel, a young thief from Keep’Out Quarter, thinks his only problem is his long-lost dad coming back into his life. But when Keep’Out’s criminal overlord forces Squirrel to steal the impossible, he gets far more than he bargained for...


3. New Born,  Age of Academicians II — Read the first chapter of the next book in the series. Finally back in Kingston City, Drayke finds it difficult enough coming to terms with his disastrous mission. How is he supposed to come to terms with new, all-powerful Audra?





Adventures in Fiction Review

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Go on an Adventure in Fiction


As new writers, we're plagued by the same old questions:

Why can't I get my book published?

What am I doing wrong?

Should I even be doing this writing thing anyway?

(All these questions are generally hurled out into the vastness of the cosmos in a spectacularly melodramatic way, before you check the clock and realise that if you don't hurry up and put your shoes on, you'll be late for work.)

Anyway, I found answers! Answers in the form of an SFF mentor, who changed my book forever!





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How Women Are Represented In...


...Fairy Tales


I'm a woman who reads and writes book.

I'm a woman who reads and writes genre fiction.

I'm a woman who teaches English Language and Literature in a patriarchal society.

What fascinates me is how women are portrayed in the written form by female and male authors, so I'm starting a little series to explore just that! 




Creative Writing

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10 Tips for Better Writing


Tips are useful.

Mine are different.

It's possible they won't work, but they're certainly fun!






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Album Launch


I'm excited about the launch of the Andrew Christie Quartet's new album,

Difference and Repetition, which they've been working towards

for over a year now, recording, rehearsing and

gigging the material into shape.