List of Published Stories

*Closets and Chimneys. Published in Airship Shape and Bristol Fashion II, October 2019.

Spooky cemetery


Airship Shape and Bristol Fashion II anthology

by Joanne Hall & Roz Clarke (Editors) 


A sequel to the popular Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion. Steampunk fiction from the South-West of England.


In this anthology our authors once again challenge the notion that steampunk looks back on Victoriana through rose-tinted goggles. Still rooted in Bristol, these stories stretch out across greater distances, through time and space, through danger and adversity, to explore ideas of Empire and adventure. Some are funny, some are dark, and each of them will take you somewhere – or somewhen – you’ve never been before.




*Abra-Cadaver. Published in Tales from the Graveyard, January 2019.

Spooky cemetery


Tales from the Graveyard: A North Bristol Writers anthology

by Peter Sutton and Eric Nash (Editors) 


The sigh of troubled spirits drifts between ivy choked headstones. As the sun sets, follow the winding path between the yew trees to the place where lost souls gather, and settle in for a night of tales both disturbing and uplifting.


A boy encounters a mysterious groundskeeper; two students unearth an ancient terror; and in the wilds of Africa, a hunter stumbles into danger. In a vision of the future, a blackened sky unleashes creatures of the night. Closer to home, a message from beyond the grave gives a young man hope.


From the collective who brought you North by South West and The Dark Half of The Year comes a third anthology of 16 enthralling stories inspired by our many faceted relationship with the deceased and their place of rest. 




*Green Sleeves. Published in Far Horizons Magazine, April 2018.

Spooky cemetery


Far Horizons: Tales of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

by Kimberly Nugent and Pete Sutton (Editors) 


"Great-great-great-great grand-daddy," says the hyper-attractive young boy. "How come you're as handsome as my actual daddy?"


Deep and musical, the young old man laughs. The two of them walk, hand holding hand, next to a bubbling blue stream, bare feet caressed by vibrant grass as they saunter past a flock of pinkly brown Mauritius sheldgeese splashing along the banks. Behind them, grazing and nonchalant, a herd of chestnut aurochs, curved horns glinting in perfect sunshine.


"I'm as handsome as your daddy," says the young old man, "because I've got advantAGE™."


Join Tymothree in a terrifying future where youth, money and being male are the only things that guarantee survival.


*Winternights. Published in The Dark Half of the Year, November 2016.

Spooky cemetery


The Dark Half of the Year

by Ian Millsted (Editor), Pete W. Sutton (Editor) 


The North Bristol Writers return with a second anthology, this time set in winter with a collection of spooky holiday tales. The group includes many published and previously unpublished writers and the work is introduced by Cavan Scott.


My story, Winternights, goes all Nordic and apocalyptic, asking: what would happen to ghosts if there were no humans left to believe in them?




red heart


*Beacon of Hope. 2014.

Hammer with flowers


Beacon of Hope

by Maria Herring


Beacon of Hope is an inspiring and heart-warming fairy tale about good versus evil. A story of hope.


Beacon of Hope is dedicated to every person who has ever had, or been touched by, cancer. Top of Lulu’s bucket list is to raise £10,000 for UK cancer charities. So, to give cancer patients and their loved ones even more hope we want to split all profits from this book equally between two of our favourite cancer charities:


Cancer Research UK and Macmillan Cancer Support.

*Anne Arquey 20871223F. Published in Nebula Rift Vol. 01 No. 01, April 2014.

futuristic robot


Nebula Rift Vol. 01 No. 01

by Michael J. Sullivan (Author), Errick A. Nunnally (Author), Edward Rodosek (Author), Jordan Legg (Author), Maria Herring (Author), R.A. Harris (Author), James Zsigmond (Author)  


The first issue of eSciFi contains the following short stories: Greener Grass by Michael J. Sullivan; Who Bares The Lathe by Errick A. Nunnally; The Space Sphinx by Edward Rodosek; The Second Law by Jordan Legg; Anne Arquey 20871223f by Maria Herring; Pixelated Nostalgia by R.A Harris; The Train Conductor by James Zsigmond.


In this SF short, Anne Arquey lives in a post-apocalyptic world where reading and teaching has been outlawed. But she finds a strange object in her potato field one day, and that object turns out to be a book...






*Hall of the Slain. Published in Irony of Survival, July 2013.

futuristic female hunter


Irony of Survival : Volume 3 (The Zharmae Anthology)

by Anna McDermott (Author), Kevin Bennett (Author), Frances Pauli (Author), Johanna Lipford (Author), Malachi King (Author), Brandon Steenbock (Author), Coleen Anderson (Author), Nyla Nox (Author), James Wymore (Author), Jak Kavan (Author), Jon Del Arroz (Author), J.B. Rockwell (Author), Edward McKeown (Author), M.A. Logocki (Author), Maria Herring (Author), Michael Simon (Author), Barry Nove (Author), Corbin Maxwell (Author)


Irony of Survival is the second in the Zharmae Anthology series, which takes a deeper look at survival and how irony’s effect on it can grow into something we may, or may not, have anticipated. While we wonder to ourselves, how it managed to happen, it does. 


Torny Finehair, an army doctor, gets killed on a tour of duty. Only to wake up and get killed again. And again. And again. That's pretty much what life is like in the Hall of the Slain.









*The Bubble Juggler. Published online on, September 2013.

*Afterglow. Published as an e-book, October 2012.

woman walking



by Maria Herring


Death comes to us all, doesn't it ? But it can come more quickly for some than others - especially if you don't watch where you're going! But, you'll be pleased to hear, death isn't the end. At least not if you don't want it to be. You can choose to go off and be one with the universe, but you can also choose to stay on as a guardian angel and help someone less fortunate than yourself. 

*8.02pm. Published in Chapter one promotion's, June 2012.

*Unsleeping Beauty. Published in Tales of Blood and Roses #3, 2012.

woman and bear sitting on a bed

*Afterglow. Published  in Voices of Angels, December 2011.

misty forest


Voices of Angels

by Debz Hobbs-Wyatt (Editor), Gloria Hunniford (Foreword)


Do you believe in angels? This collection of fictional short stories explores encounters with angels – in whatever form they take. Some stories are sad, some are funny; all will touch you. The collection includes a new story by Laura Wilkinson, author of BloodMining (winner of the Bridge House Debut Novel Competition 2010).

*Memento. Published in Geek Force Five, July 2011.

empty bench on a sunny day


Found & Lost (Geek Force Five #3)

by Holly Day (Author), Jef Cozza (Author), Maria Herring (Author), Thomas Kearnes (Author), Naomi Elster (Author), E. Christopher Clark (Editor)


A collection of five short stories, including the winner of 2011 Environmental Writing Contest! In “Beneath It All” by Holly Day, a worm rustles through dry leaves as a man contemplates the end of his world; in “Carbon” by Jef Cozza, a scientist discovers a way to turn back the apocalypse; in “The Game of Memory” by Thomas Kearnes, cousins play a game of Memory where the cards turn out to be more than twin suns and puppy dogs; in “Blackfriars” by Naomi Elster, the city of London is consumed by madness; and, in “Memento” by Maria Herring, a woman wakes to find her living room destroyed and her boyfriend gone, with no memory of how it happened.


*Killing of Innocents. Published in Dark Tales, June 2011.